Better Angels - Sacramento

A bipartisan citizen's movement working to unify our divided nation

A bipartisan citizen's movement working to unify our divided nation

A bipartisan citizen's movement working to unify our divided nationA bipartisan citizen's movement working to unify our divided nation

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Better Angels - National

Political polarization and extreme partisanship are harming America. Politicians and media outlets seem more interested in name calling than problem solving.  Better Angels is a  nation-wide citizen's movement working to depolarize America by conducting workshops that bring liberals and conservatives together for moderated conversations.  These conversations are for the purpose of understanding each other, not debating or denegrating each other.  You can learn more about Better Angels  at the national website.


Better Angels - Sacramento

The Sacramento Alliance of Better Angels is a local chapter of Better Angels.  We hold workshops, debates and public presentations designed to bridge the polarizing political divide we have in this country.  These events allow conservatives and liberals to get past the destructive stereotypes we have of one another so we can have civil conversations about real issues that lead to productive problem-solving.   

In 2018, over two hundred people attended one of our events, which included six Red / Blue Workshops, four Skills Workshops, and a media panel on "The Media’s Role in Polarizing America."   Click here for upcoming events.    

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Get Involved

Would you like to  get involved in reducing the polarization that is gripping our country and our communities?  There are several ways you can help.  

  • Join - become a member for $12 at the national website
  • Donate - your contribution will help Better Angels of Sacramento fund local events
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  • Volunteer - add your voice and your energy to help us unify our divided country


It is usually more important to compromise than to be right.

This poster was created by Anna Deukmejian, an eighth grade student at Sutter Middle School in Sacramento.  Anna is concerned about the deep political divide in our country and wanted to create a piece of art that demonstrated her conviction that the next generation will make things better.  In her own words: 

When I created this poster, I was thinking about how Democrats and Republicans are unwilling to listen to one another.  It saddens me to see our country so bitterly divided, and I placed myself in the center of the image to show that I hope those of us who are the country’s future will do something to change this.”

operating principles

Operating Principles

 The Better Angels of Sacramento seek to create a community where Red and Blue Americans can have a new and different type of conversation.  So we abide by the following operating principles.

As Individuals

 As individuals, we seek to understand the other side’s point of view even if we don’t agree with it. Everyone gets to be who they are and believe what they believe.

In Our Communities

In our communities, we engage those we disagree with, looking for common ground and ways to work together.

In Politics

In politics, we support principles that bring us together rather than divide us.  We critique policy but we do not condemn people.

In Policy

We work on policy issues that directly address sources of polarization or where the issue has wide Red/Blue support but is blocked by inertia or legislative polarization.

The Better Angels Rule

We follow the Better Angels Rule: we are Red and Blue together in approximately equal numbers and we seek diverse representation so that we look like the country we seek to serve.



Perhaps You've Seen Us

Better of Angels  has gotten considerable national media exporsure.   Check out these links:

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Locally, Better Angels has been featured on:

ABC - 10                       KFBK, Joe Micheals

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