Better Angels - Sacramento

A bipartisan citizen's movement working to unify our divided nation

What's it like to attend a better angels workshop?

"attend this impactful event..."



"The workshop was even better than I had anticipated.   The group had meaningful discussions with the help of the great facilitators and found we had more in common than we had known.   I look forward to attending other workshops and events and encourage everyone who feels they just don’t understand the OTHER SIDE’s point of view to attend this impactful event.   Thank you for your work to bring together those of us who love our country but sometimes disagree about how it should be run."

Carol V.

"uplifting ..."



“A group of like and unlike (supposedly) minded people came together, listened, shared, and found common ground regarding values & policy. It was truly uplifting and reaffirmed a long-held view of mine, that there is truly more that unites us than divides us! Thank you to the very brave participants who took a chance – I believe we all came away richly rewarded. My prayer going forward is for many others to participate in a workshop in order to alter the course of negative discourse in our country.”

Tami T.

"we learned how to listen ..."



"Better Angels changed my life. When I signed up to attend a daylong Red-Blue workshop, I was a bit nervous and didn’t know  what to expect. Not only did the facilitators make everyone feel safe and welcome, I learned I could respect the “other side” and even  discover common ground. It turns out we all care about the same things. We just have different ideas on how to solve our common problems. Better Angels gave me the tools to have honest discussions with people I disagree with. We didn’t change each other’s minds about issues. We learned how to listen and share without being afraid."

Betsy R.